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    Corporate Governance

    Since John Tyson assumed the role of Chairman of the Board in 1998, the size of the board has been reduced, while its percentage of independent directors has increased. Other significant corporate governance measures taken include the adoption of a comprehensive Code of Conduct and a clearly articulated set of Corporate Governance Principles. Additionally, the board has appointed a non-management lead director and has changed director compensation to include a portion in Tyson Foods stock.

    Committee Composition

    Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, click on committee names in the chart below.

    Chairperson Member Lead Independent Director Financial Expert

    Audit Committee Compensation and Leadership Development Committee Executive Committee Governance and Nominating Committee Strategy and Acquisitions Committee
    Outside Directors
    Gaurdie E. Banister Jr.                

    Dean Banks     
    Mike Beebe      
    Mikel A. Durham    
    Kevin McNamara

    Cheryl S. Miller          
    Jeffrey K. Schomburger          
    Robert C. Thurber

    Barbara A. Tyson      
    Inside Directors
    John Tyson

    Noel White          

    Individual Shareholders
    Shareholder Services Coordinator
    Tyson Foods, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2020 CP051
    Springdale, AR 72765-2020
    1-800-643-3410 ext.4524

    Institutional Investors

    Jon Kathol
    Vice President of Investor Relations
    Tyson Foods, Inc.
    Phone: 479-290-4235

    Julie Kegley
    Director, Investor Relations
    Phone: 479-290-3918

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